Sunday, 21 August 2011

Part and parcel of life..

Love it or Hate it, there bound to be things that as much and as hard as you try to shake them off, they just stick and cling on to you like a leech (Douche bag!).

However, in my life encyclopedia, there seems to be a proportionate compilation between Love it and Hate it. 

I'll be positive and start off with Love it first.
Since young, I was blessed with parents who didn't scold nor 'rotan' (whack) me, and siblings who are a little nuisance to me AT THAT POINT OF TIME because we were all so young. But I love them all and they love me too despite, well you know, every individual has their difference even you're from the same parents!

Then, I grew up and enter school and college and made friends whom I forgot (those in Kindergarden) and those whom I remember dearly (MGS girls, MARA (MRSM Beseri) friends, University College Sedaya International (UCSI)). I'm thankful that I have them on my friends list in Facebook and how sometimes random meet-ups happen (mamak stall, MidValley, etc), sitting around gossiping, play with make-ups, walked pasar malam (nightmarket) and shopping together, trying on clothings together, etc..

Then I've got boyfriends. When there's a start, there's also a finishing line. Be it at the grave or whilst alive. Relationships had taught me to be a cautious person, to give and take, a forgiving person and despite how much you can change for one person, you'll still be who you are, be it rebellious, or stubborn or maybe just that sweet little girl. Also that no matter how elated you are, or how deeply hurt you are, your family is always there for you. Never be 100% sure that everything would last forever, unless are ready to place everything on stake, mentally and physically.

As age creeps up, I went into University. Pfft, that was a pain as well. Had some trouble entering into UCSI, applied for AIMST but they rejected me, entered Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS) and soon got my offer letter from Nottingham. I hesitated for about a week as I've started lessons in CUCMS but eventually, I went to University of Nottingham. It was a wise choice definitely, what more my tutor is the head of Pharmacy department. I am grateful to my dad who had accompanied me for a week in Cyberjaya until I made my decision, giving me advise and moral support to head my future. Staying with my 'family' friends was indeed the best experience in University, and getting to know someone who has taken care of me well throughout this period.

To Qi Hua, Wai Xin, Kar Lai, Mei Kee, Li Ping and Gideon - You guys have been a great part of my life. Staying together, car pooling together, random night outings, wardrobe barter system, gossiping, walking/ driving to class together  and cooking together..These would be remember for the rest of my life.     

Entertainment wise: HELLO! PARTY is here! Parties are like the YES thing while in University and so I had went to aplenty and I totally enjoyed them. OH HOW I WISH I CAN STILL PARTY AT LEAST ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS! Halloween, Christmas, Freshers, Chinese New Year, Traffic Light and so many many more! Letting all your worries off just for that one night is totally worth it.

Now, I'm a graduate with a 2:2 MPharm degree, doing my pre-registration year with Knights Pharmacy and hopefully in a year's time, I would be a fully qualified pharmacist! Also, my first pay - KERCHINGSS!

Ending with Hate it.
Thanks to my parents that since they did not scold or 'rotan' I was a toddler, I went all my way out, to the extent that I've even swore (Damn...). Now that I'm a mentally capable to think adult, guilt is killing me as to why, why, why had I said those words and my parents just listened but not do anything. That's how much they love me and how much I regretted for being such an asshole and a spoiled brat. Well, there's nothing to hate about with my siblings because there are bound to be bickering between us.

School's where I've met my network of friends and socialized. There's definitely nothing to hate here! Well, except for some undisputable matter. Hmph, we're all born different right? But still, don't think of yourself too much and do what you think because it might just end up is a mishap.

Relationships....For those who've married your first love, well, congratulations for not having to go through the pain and gain process. Nonetheless, it would be great not to experience such state cause it wouldn't be nice. Being in several relationships, it does make me appreciate future relationships more. I do cherished the moments we had, how tolerate-ful you were, and how sometimes we get along so well. Despite that, no relationships are complete without quarreling, which I didn't like at all. But guess what? This is bound to happen no matter what. Lols! So live with it, get cross at each other for a few moments (don't make it too long!) and patch up in a bit!

Hmph, what do you hate most about studying? One word - EXAMS. Period. Grueling years of studying and projects and posters are some of the definite tasks you'll need to deal with so, what can I say? Get through it, and be done with it. Time did pass by quickly and on my graduation day, I reminisced the process of growing up from a 19 year old to a 23 year old me. From a teen to a lady. From not knowing anything to growing knowledge. It ends sooner than you expect it to be, stay strong and be EXAM-lified!

Now that I'm working, I realized that the responsibility that needs to be shouldered becomes significantly heavier. I'm in charge of what will happen to myself and this means, I need to be more proactive and comes up with ideas to supplement myself. I need to have these drugs names in my head so that everything that's needed is at my fingertip. For this to happen, I'll need to chew down the British National Formulary (BNF) slowly, not swallowing it so that it absorbs well into my system. Keeping up to date is such a pain in the ass! But don't get me wrong, I do enjoy what I'm doing ( :

I wouldn't hate parties! I would jump to one if there is one now! Boozing, dancing, dressing up and enjoying the night with friends is what I totally need now.

In a nutshell
Did I sum it all up nicely? Yeah, so that's my life story pretty much. I truly hope you have more LOVE IT than HATE IT in your diary so to say, because you'll be a happier person nonetheless.

Cross my heart, I love you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you and you!

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