Thursday, 18 August 2011

Spain - Barcelona & Madrid


On the way to Parc Guell. How many bloody steps there is. Lucky enough there is escalator!

WHY is everyone grabbing a spot to take a picture here?! I'll follow the flow.

Sagrada Familia

No commento cause I didn't went in but it looks impressive enough, even on the outside.

Casa Batllo

Casa Mila

Magic fountain of Montjuic
(We hadn't know the time the lights and music would go on hence missed it)

To make up for the disappointment, daddy bought me and Nie ticket to the ride! Oh my hair..


Nie: *Yawns*
Mummy: Pftt..
Jojo: *Attempt to cover eye*
Daddy: * Paparazzi-ing*

The most F***ed up thing is the tourist information centre isn't open all summer. We gave the WTF look upon hearing that.

Lucky enough, the hostal receptionist gave us directions for places of interest.

Don't remember the name but there's quite a lot of foods in here. From paella to yoghurt to tapas to sangria to water to cookies to candies to macaroons to etc etc.

Of course, Real Madrid stadium. Just the outside. LOLS!

And the station you should alight to get there!

The most awaited trip - back to Nottingham : )


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