Sunday, 7 August 2011


Of all places I've ever been, this is one of the best - Zurich!

And as per below post, I had almost forgot the chronology of the trip so I'll post it as it is.

1. Rhine Falls
The very place I really want to go! And yes, it was the first place we went after landing in Zurich :)

It cost between 5-10 CHF per person for entrance!

2. Zurichsee boat ride
This is one thing I should mention - get the 9 o'clock ticket (8.20 CHF) which allows you to take all public transport for 24hours because buying a one way trip ticket rips you 8.20 CHF anyway. It's worth to the core. And it's inclusive of this 1 hour boat ride as well! FOC! 

3. Another boat ride (I have definitely forget the name)
but you'll come to this harbour when you're on the boat ride above, so ask the captain! But unfortunately, this you have to pay. Fortunately, you pay it for half the price with the 9 0'clock ticket! :)

This is a short trip zurich lake boat ride. Pay more for a comprehensive full/ long zurich boat ride (takes about 4-5 hours?)

It's about 2 hour ride, so it's a great setback for a sitback and relax atmosphere!

With the sun scorching it's anger, I can't help but to imagine myself dipping in the lake as well....


This is NOT an attraction but it attracted me when I was looking outside the bus and saw people sitting down, dipping their feet into the river. I stayed at Kanonengasse and this place is just 1 stop before that.

I also want to experience-lah of course! Fleeezingg cold waterrrrr..with ducks and fishes!
Unlike any other fishes, the fishes here are really one of a kind. Even if you flicked the water, they would just stay still, static near your feet. 


I would suggest you to do a walking tour round the old town. It's really walk-able. Feast along the streets with branded names. If not, stroll along the streets and enjoy the walk.

The 'twin tower' church of Zurich - Grossmünster 

NICE right! =)

The clock behind - St Peterskirche (St. Peter's Church)

Last but not least - Fraumünster

I've not got the time to visit these places so if you did, do tell me your great experience! Would love to return one day to finish the unfinished...


Random stuffs

Starbucks-ing! I'm having Ice Shaken Lemon Passion Tea (8.70 CHF)

♥ Sprungli ♥ 
You wouldn't miss this shop! Definitely not! Get in, get yourself a sweet treat and enjoy =)
I bought the bicsuit cake chocolate almond macadamia (~20CHF).

Dinner at Nord See. Fish with rice, fish with potato, tuna handroll, calamari.

The new hat we bought for just 2.90 CHF! Everyone gets to try it on, including Daddy! 


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