Monday, 8 August 2011

What I had for dinner...

Attempted Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice)

I wouldn't put much hope that it'll come out superb because I was never a great cook (partly because I'm not a kitchen girl, and also partly because I've got someone who can cook better).

However, as much work as it implied, it's really simple. Well, as always, it's just ME. Messing the place.

The food now....

(Sorry for being too straight forward BUT YES IT IS OBVIOUSLY (EYES CHECK!) DELICIOUZS!)

3 side dishes - bean sprouts, carrots, beef & egg of course!

Red pepper sauce (Gochujang)

After mixing in the sauce, the perfect masterpiece was edible, lookable and likeable.

If I'm not a good cook and this tastes nice, I'm allowed to up my rank a little don't I? =)

A full tummy makes everyone happy.


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