Friday, 12 August 2011


I didn't really know what else there is in Interlaken other than the famous Jungfrau mountain, accredited as World Heritage Site. Because of the cost that ensues, we followed the advise of our hostel receptionist to go up Schilthorn instead. But still, it burnt quite a huge hole in my dad's wallet! Lols..

Took a bus from the train station to another train station, which brought us to Lauterbrunnen. The view on the train was MAGNIFICIENT. Me and my sister went, WOW, LOOK, WOW!

Guess who's behind? Helicopter and Jungfrau as a background! 

Little moo moo on the loose!

It's the freshest water you can ever get on earth. Drink and be healthy =)

My little red bench =P

Continue to tale a cable car up again to Birg and lastly, Schilthorn.

It was about +9 Celcius but it was very windy so it was very COLLDDDDD~

My dad is superman. He said not cold and I went speechless -.-

Took the cable car down to the other side where the village is.

And to visit Trummelbackfalle!

Sunny and warm outside <3

S**T! Si beh cold inside here! Glacier water, almost 0 degree celcius running through the mountain!

This is called the cockscrew fall!


Interlaken West

Walked and hang around the town area the next day. And I has a swollen eye =(

Interlaken was a nice, quiet and peaceful place. It's definitely worth a visit!

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