Thursday, 12 March 2009

13th March 2009

This post was meant to be posted last week but i lost some of my pictures and had to wait till now...: )

This week has been quite hectic..(doh, like there is any free time)..
Last week was at Hui’s place, wanted to go Shabu Shabu on Friday night but plan cancelled cuz Carmen can’t make we went to pasar malam, walk around, had our bubble milk tea, saw 3 cute ShihTzu for sale and bought hair clip..
as per usual..both of us have..EXACTLY the SAME one..:)

So Saturday we went to MidValley..window shopping only much so for Hui’s ‘enthusiam’ definition of window shopping, she BOUGHT a pair of sandals from Vincci..(her alasan for not buying shoes during CNY!!!!!)lols..and then we walked around and saw many people holding ZARA’S paperbag..well, normal Hui again was we went in and grab a few apparel that suits us, enter the same fitting room and VOILA!!!You know what you get when 2 girls enter the same fitting room..and mind me, we actually don’t have any intention to buy..well, at least for me..NO DISCOUNT ALSO!!Why so many people with Zara’s bag?!hm…despite the economy crisis, still can spend ah these people..i have to look inside my pocket lor..count see see how many notes I have, worth the spend a not, spend already left how much, etc etc..wahliao, better dun buy..stick to the day’s theme, ‘window shopping’..
Then we went around shopping for Hui’s little niece birthday pressie..and she bought a cute little pair of sandal for her too!!!don’t have a picture of Nvm lar yah…

Oh yah, I also had this spectacle crisis for the past few weeks..heesh, troublesome..imagine wearing your glasses for the past 10 months, nothing happen and suddenly got lens coating problem!!luckily mine was HIGH QUALITY LENS (Prozeis) and it comes with a 1 year warranty..well, it’s still liable cuz I bought it on 25th April 2008..LUCKILY..So, I went to get my replacement and well, I feel that this GOOD QUALITY LENS not really that GOOD QUALITY..

Why you ask?!

Cause lens coating problem appear 10 months later from the day I purchased..OK, NVM..the sales person say, ‘ahha, this only happen 1 out of 10 manufactured batch’..FINE!!

Then what if my replacement now is the ‘1 out of the 10’ ha?!By then the warranty expire lo!!

My previous spectacles, totalled up about 3 or 4 pairs..don’t even have such problem..put under the sun, heat it inside car, etc warranty somemore kay!!Those NOT-SO-GOOD QUALITY LENS better eh?!
Don’t know lar, super sensitive or super susceptible to heat or super duper long-time-only-defect kind of GOOD QUALITY LENS should improvise whether to stay put with that title or not..Anyway, I’m just waiting to see when my NEW REPLACED lens would de-coat themselves again..prolly a better explanation from the sales executive then…CLEARLY IT’S NOT MY FAULT AND IT’S A MANUFACTURING DEFECT…

Happier story now…
I’ve finished my face care regimen of Sebamed..well, I would say that it’s OK ..for me..
So now, I’m trying a new regimen from THE FACE’s on pore minimizer..toner and moisturizer..face wash stick to Eumora ( it cost RM70 bucks for a small piece like this k!!!hopefully it’s good..) which I started using a few months back..i extremely extremely love the scents..(I know that’s not the main point lar, but can’t help it..)toner is nice, with powder base..moisturizer lagi nice, gel-like and non-oily and non-greasy and very-nice-smell!!

Also, I bought BeBe Cream (wow, this is expensive..RM79 if I’m not mistaken..) too which is quite well to used on the skin with SPF20 PA++..Well, if you don’t what’s that, check it out..Guys also can use, no paiseh..:)

And a hair gel to curl your hair?!I now wonder did I actually bought the wrong thing..It’s for hair which are already curly or to make hair curly?!hm..I wonder..

Also my poster presentation titled MMR Vaccination aimed at parents in high socio-economic group.
This is the layout from UK side..

These are my designs..

This is the so-called revised version with some editing done by compiling each other bits of work..

And this could be our finalised version of the poster..well, i think it looks nice..a lil classy and suits the target group of rich parents..

Any comments?!

Had a shocking morning call this morning..(uh,tat would be last week,one of the mornings...)

Phew, a friend of mine is in grief now..cuz she just broke up with her bf who’s leaving (well, i don’t quite know the reason behind it but the main point’s there..)..Whoever initiated it, I don’t really have much to comment..Well, both were close friends of mine..We knew each other during our A-Levels..i saw how they started, how they argued at times, how they broke-up and patch back again, how she cried when she’s sad..Well, they had been together for 4 years now and, as things happen, this is surely something possible for whatsoever reason..i really abhor people who does not think carefully of what consequences there might be (as in breaking up saves the day ahead??)..Hey, ever heard once broken considered sold?!Familiar enough, I was once in such a catastrophic event..Never regret once you’ve make your decision..It’s not the life now that you think is worse, it’s the life later which would dread you throughout..”absence makes the heart grow fonder” is really true..Fair enough, no long distance relationship that could not work, it just strengthen the bond that is already present..

What long distance relationship is like a drug?!
With Contraindications, side effects, epidemiology,
pathogenesis, etc??
Yeah, I would say more or less so but not very true anyway..YES and NO..50-50..
I know how much you loved him and your sacrifices done..So, is it worth the break!?(if it’s him who initiated it, ignore this lar..)
You know how much you’ve hurt her in the past, could you really use your smart brain gifted by GOD to think over and over again?!

It’s raining now, and i can feel the gloominess of the day..Girl, please don’t hurt yourself and stay’s not the end of story but the beginning of a new life..You deserve someone much better, much better than a ‘yellow-eight-egg’ like him..I remember how aunty gave me advice when i was still grieving, “you’ll find someone much better than him, don’t cry and waste your tears for him, stay strong and IT’S NOT WORTH your tears..”..I really thanked her so much for the encouragement she save up and be strong..Look at the brighter side, some people are even less fortunate than you..

My dad’s friend brother was about to getting married in 1 months time..Out of a sudden, just 2 weeks before the real wedding, the girl admitted that she had another bas*ard out there..Probably she’s the bit*h..Well, it’s the same one way or another..Imagine the guy having a breakout that is far beyond what I can imagine..
Another one i forgot who but i vividly remember her story..She was in her relationship with her fiancé for seven long years..and was about to marry but they broke up after that..

So, if he/she’s really THE ONE you really sure you’re gonna live with for the rest of your life, then don’t give’ll realize one day how important he/she means to you but by then, it’s either too late or never..

If he/she is not THE ONE you could expect to live your life through with, then stick up, walk straight and never look back..

Life’s too short to whine back at things that is not worth the waiting..
True love however endures everything..

No relationship can last without both having utmost trust for each other..
You’ll never expect THE ONE in your life would turn their backs on you..
Distance is not a matter, feeling loved and trusted is..
Don’t risk a second chance that would never be a reality..
Because when one door closes, another is opened right in front of you..
“The greatest thing is to love and be loved in return”


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