Sunday, 15 March 2009

15th March 2009

Well, this's month not my month but I surely do have some 'thangs' this month huh?

I've nothing much to blog bout but guess what?!

I've got TWO..yeah, TWO..not ONE..
English - 'TWO'
Malay - 'DUA'
Mandarin - 'ER'
Cantonese - 'YEE'

MAJOR TRIPS TO VOYAGE after me May's exams..woohoo!!
Plus another trip to Singapore which is a MUST-MUST prolly early or mid July..

Was having a bad hair day (well, most of us had..) when i woke up and look myself in the mirror..HORRENDOUSLY ugh-ley!!!I've a center parting and I DON'T LOOK NICE!!
Well, that's cause I have flat hair and it really don't look nice!!!And so, no matter how i comb, it's still stucked with an ugh-ley style..can't help it..I'll declare myself a 'BAD HAIR DAY' for today..

But worry not, I'm going back soon and get a good bath with a good shampoo massage for my hair so that it doesn't look ugh-ley tomorrow (important leh..tomorrow got class..)..Lols..

my AUNTIE VISITTED me yesterday too..
I can't walk and I went back to the car, slept in there in the parking lot of Times Square for about 3 hours before my dad and siblings came back to me after their shoppings..gained back some energy and we went to Petaling Street for our dinner..and, I had the most graceful 'tau fu far' ever there..soft, smooth, fragrant, nice!!I heard it was Dr Mathathir fav's!!
It's just right at the cross junction and you're sure not to miss it (cause it's the only stall there!!)

And we went to watch some basketball competition in MABA buidling somewhere near Petaling Street, some of the small chillis 'kecik-mayung' guys are really unpredictable..they would just run out of nowhere, and score a 3-point for, size doensn't really long as you have interest and skills and whatever they need in that particular field..: )

BTW, i admire this No.9 guy..cuz he really made me TWICE stunted..he just swoosh out of nowhere, grabs the opponent ball (the basketBALL punya BALL), and runs across the ring ALONE and score!!!Very very the CANTIK scorer..
And HORRORFULLY, this grey-haired uncle behind who supports the other team was cocking behind like he is the SUPER DUPER COACH and clacking and cuckoo-ing..
'shoot higher mah..','how many times do same 7 mistake still dunno how to change meh?!?!'..Blady Hell OLD Uncle..sit so high up and open your coffee shop so wide open somemore..

Ah..but I'll remember Mr. Fishball ('Yu Tan') forever and ever and HERO~! (fluttering...)

Am halfway done with my lab report..YIPPES!!
P/S: I'm missing quite a number of my friends now..*misses*

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