Monday, 9 March 2009

9th March 2009


I can't believe i ACTUALLY forgot to bring my laptop back!!so the 'kik sei'..i actually packed it into my laptop bag, put it beside my bed and STILL!!!everything stranded, cannot do anything, MSN cannot log in (house desktop dunno why can't sign in), the speed tortoise-ly slow, and hangs every now and then..haiyooooo..

*ahem*..that's not the only thing i forgot..some important things also i forgot..cish cish..really feel like whacking..the beanie bag for my short-minded-ness..

Got some photos to upload but i didn't bring my camera USB plug back, and my phone's picture can only be bluetooth-ed into my laptop, cuz desktop don't have this function!!(i guess so..)

Haiya..why lar why lar..

Today's weather is crappily windy and chilly..from my backroom..cuz usually it's like 38 degree Celcius itself in the room..bulu roma also stand up..

Phew, Genting was really NICE!!aiya, nice cuz i've not been up there in ages...after a 5 years grace period of ACTUALLY not going up..will update once i get in physical touch with my camera USB plug and laptop yah..

And my donkey room ceiling fan broke down after 7 months of spinning tortoise-ly slower than a tortoise can be..even at number 4!!i think it's only a quarter of 1..which is not on the meter lar..oh well..gonna get a replacement from the VERY 'KIND' AND 'WILLINGLY' to help punya LANDLADY..I'm gonna slap a tedious bill onto your palm and i-don't-care cuz it'll be deducted from my house rent!!!na na na na..wanna negotiate to a price that suits your figure?!I've not got that much my petrol and poops!!


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