Friday, 13 March 2009

Another on 13th March 2009..Friday the 13th!!!

Lols, 2 post for the day cuz I've got quite a lot to write..

And it's Friday the 13th!!Superstition holds that it is a day of good or bad much so..If you believe then it shall be..If not, it shall be not..: )

Back to the story line..

Genting trip..1st time legally entering casino was..nice!!haha, no need worry those guards stopping and asking you for your IC and giving you that 'i-don't-believe-ya' stare..lols!!

Monte Carlo~!

And some sneak-pictures took inside the casino..

A HOLY SHIT nice CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE in the International Room..

And some ugly pictures..cause I can't hold the camera up and take a nice picture..lols!!

The makan time..

And our taking-fresh-air time..

Me Myself

Me and Mummy taking a walk in the Garden while waiting for the shuttle bus..

Me and mummy while waiting for the shuttle bus..

On the way up in the gondola..

Well, Genting was my 2nd home in my childhood years..and I've sat this for gazillion of times..i don't think it's working now..aww, i miss it!!!

Me and grandpa and grandma..

My dad bought a shop lot and is 'bird-watching' lately..if you get what i mean..

This's where the birdies gonna make the salivary nest..:P

This's where the birdies are gonna fly downstairs..

And me!!

Wha!that's a lot..lols..
okies, am gonna get back serious on my lab u!!


SL said...

why keep cam-whoring but not trying ur 'luck'?????

Jojo said... luck went out after my, got limit aim was to earn that 1 genting point to upgrade to green card..LOLS!!