Saturday, 21 March 2009

Fast and Furious-ity

Fast and Furious 4..

Yeap, and I can't wait for it to be on screen!!
I'm totally into cars but I'm not really that well equiped with those car knowledges and does not have an attitude of being one..

I started loving cars when I was with my ex..well, he did taught me a lot and I really do appreciate it..I didn't know I would grow to love cars..let alone learning and searching bout the new cars on the's paper has a handout on cars..

by Trident
But i personally like the Granturismo coupe..
Damn cun and class!
!405bhp 4.2litre engine, deep V8 exhaust..
Prices?! from RM1.1 million onwards!!
Interested!?I am..but not in the near future..

Lols..some ground breaking news which happened some 2 weeks back.. does has something to do with car too..HOHO!!what a coincidence..
Guess Guess?

Can see?Can't see?

Okay, you can see the car key at the ignition..right?!
Well, i did not pose for this picture BUT I actually LEFT my CARKEYS...not on purpose!! IN the car!so clever right..such a long story..
Was at Tesco right after class one day rushing to buy the stupid fan which my landlady was too busy to buy..I came down from the car, took my bag from the back seat and listened to my phone..didn't bother to lock the car YET cuz my housemates were still at the car and so, I walked off some distance away..when they came over, I just popped out the question, "Have you locked the car door?"..LOLS..yeah, you can start laughing now..He said, "Yeah, I manually locked it!"..and I walked a few steps ahead..and STOPPED.."Where's my car keys huh?Let me have a check.."..and I ransacked my whole bag..So, I quickly ran back to the car, and peep in..TADAHHHHH!!It's right there!!!Holy smoke...

And I was stranded there for 2 hours..or more..till the maintenance guys came with some steel rulers and 'hijacked' my car..we tried but the guy said, "Don't do this..we got CCTV here..after they say you want to steal people's car"..
Yeah I went, "I've been sitting here for the past 2 hours and maybe you can check back your CCTV on that.."

Phew!!Anyway, was lucky to have my keys back on my palm..Thank GOD..

p/s: I'm changing my post title to some wordings now instead of the ol' date format..: )


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