Tuesday, 22 February 2011

All the way from Malaysia from Mr Tan.

A million gazillion thanks to Shiun Lei for CNY cookies!
Haven't been celebrating Chinese New Year for the past 2 years with family, collecting red packets, reunion dinners, grandpa's birthday celebration, house visiting, etc.

Love Letter @ Kuih Kah Pek 
(In a very typical Chinese container with red lids!)
I wonder how many my dad keeps this time...

Chinese Dried BBQ Pork (Yuk Gon, Bak Kwa)

Peanut cookies! Which I seldom eat while I'm in Malaysia but it's nearly finished by Day 2 after receiving!

Shiun Lei, you're a good man. =)

Thanks for everything!


SL said...

i know i m good.. just that not many know that..

Josephine Wong said...

I'm publicizing for you lo..