Thursday, 17 February 2011


Went to Doncaster today and how happy I was that I met Coffee Republic! Obviously, I order Supremo (the largest), and my favourite  Caffe Mocha 

Weird that nowadays when I drink Nescafe, normally I would have gastric irritation where it makes me nauseated and really unwell but it sort of got worst now that I find myself getting difficulty in breathing. There's like a plug which is not completely plugged in my arterial and I had to breath in and out hard.

Cappuccino does me no harm. Hm, looks like I've got to change my preference. 
Different amount of caffeine huh? 

Caffe mocha, no sugar added. Ready to drink on the spot!

Went and took a passport photo today and looking back at my previous pictures, LOLS, well, I did change. A little.

Er..age 9? and then age 20 (This one right, not my problem, the photographer fail).

Age 21 and age 22.

Age 23.

Oh how much I've aged.

I think I've gone through too many interviews that I'm no longer nervous.
Pfth, experiences and age. 

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