Friday, 25 February 2011

The only thing to do when I've got nothing to do

Was on the verge of dying in boredom and decided to draw even though I'm not good at it. Pictures are very random. Drew what I knew and what comes to mind.

Teacher teaching Mathematics

Curly hair lady reading a book

Matt's Wonderland - Julie! After looking at her Facebook page and eventually dozed off at this table desk.

Then they met up one day and  Matt was pretty shy *pinkish cheeks*
But Julie was so cool.

Somehow, they ended up together and they held hands.

-End of story-

Pfft...and not to forget, TVXQ my 

And the beautification of my Lab Book.

Gosh...all thanks to AFM machine. 

Dozed a dozen times,
Shifted my precious tide,
Browsed area far-reaching,
Scoped only in nanometer length.

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