Saturday, 19 February 2011

CNY gathering

At least I had something to look forward to from the beginning of this week - Friday's CNY dinner at PeachyKeen.

The gathering was really great in that we all had a good time, laughed our hearts out, and possibly the last time to have such a time where we can actually sit down and be crazy.

I admit that I actually ate A LOT. But that was really because I was hungry.

Sashimi, sushis, and Peking duck roll!
Obviously we took more sashimi since they're so good =P

Plain naan! I remembered we could actually order Garlic naan but oh well, looks like they're too busy that day.

Chow mein! I like. Tell what style of sauce you want to the chef and he'll get it ready within 5 minutes!
Szechuan style my favourite!

Desserts aplenty..chocolate and berries cakes, jellies..

Mouse, chocolate cakes..

Ice-cream with Jelly-beans or fruits or whatever you want to add it lah! Your style..

More pictures will be uploaded and posted soon in another post =)

난 괴물이 아니에요. 난 그냥 많이 먹고!
(I'm not a monster. I just eat a lot!)

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