Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

This CNY, we all made an effort to cook ourselves. Potluck for the rabbit year!

Clockwise; starting from the black pan with the ladder in it: 
Korean Ddukbokki (韩风辣炒年糕)--> Marmite Chicken Wing (妈蜜鸡翅)--> Sweet and sour pork (咕噜肉) --> Cola chicken(可乐鸡)--> Ginger onion fish (姜葱鱼片) --> Meat roll (创意肉卷) --> Mixed mushroom (三星报喜)--> Dumpling soup (馄沌汤)--> Vinegar pork leg (猪脚醋) --> Fried glutinous rice (生炒糯米饭) --> Lou sang (七彩捞生)

The container with the red cover is cornflakes cookies!

Lou ah, lou ah, lou ah, the higher the better.
But in UK, don't waste. This is precious stuff. One year once. Don't take high up in the air and let go.

Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating this festive season!

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