Friday, 11 February 2011

Someone's fault, My fault and My love

-My story of the day-
I'm gonna write this down so that maybe, maybe I will, or will not laugh at it later on.

I was doing my UV polymerization AGAIN because the stage was imbalance and fall of, leading to my glass slides sliding off and one of them shattered into pieces. Luckily the other 3 were fine, but I got mixed up with one of the slides as to which sample it was for. 

Yeah, so back to UV polymerization, I need to pump out oxygen from the chamber until it reaches 2000ppm, which takes approximately 15 minutes (21% to 0.2%). When I'm done with that, I switched on the UV light and my sample which needs to be polymerize for 20 minutes was in there for 5minutes ONLY when I was interrupted. MAHDE (not real name) had done their monomer and catheter and came rushing to me saying, "Are you using the UV chamber? We need to put in our samples IMMEDIATELY else......(whatever the reason, I forgot) and it takes a long time, like 30minutes to prepare the samples. However, I just need to polymerize it for 5 minutes."

I can't say NO to someone superior no? I had to polymerize my samples, and then put them on a temperature stage for it to equilibrate for 45minutes before I can measure what I want to measure. 30 minutes to prepare sample and 5 minutes polymerization? Damn, you must be a genius.

I asked whether can they push the samples back after 5 minutes and push mine in so that theirs are not under UV light but NO, they can't. They just need 5 minutes long and then it take out.

So, how much of my time that they've wasted?
20minutes to reach 0.2%, 5 minutes into polymerization, 20 minutes to let the level drop back to 0.2% and another 20 minutes to polymerize and 45 minutes to equilibrate. 1 HOUR AND 50 MINUTES.
You could have just waited for 15 minutes, then put your sample in instead of wasting my precious shit. 

I went back home at half 7. Thanks to you(s).

Thereafter, when I was walking back up the stairs after drinking water to cool down my flaming fire, they were coming down. What they said? "Hey, we're done for the day!". MAHDE you. 

 Don't tell me this is fine because it's not. Wasting my 2 precious shit and going back earlier is not fine.

OK, settle. Let bygones be bygones. 


I did wrote some not-so-good things in one of my post and I've deleted it since then thanks to my dear Dad who had given me a good scolding although I hesitated to listen to his words. My apologies for that and dad has taught me and my siblings what to expect in life, think positively and all the other good morale. My dad is not a big influence as to how I express my feelings but he impacted on my life so much that I cannot think negatively with those wise words he had nurtured me.

I'm sorry for that one post, deep down, truly from my heart. God bless.

On another note, I've got my 2nd good news in 2011 and I'm delighted with it.

And I made pancakes for Dear. I'll make this for Daddy and Mummy when I'm back!

-who hasn't been good last time, and furious today, but everything will be alright tomorrow-

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