Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I'm finished...finished..on my responding to symptoms notes!!while drinking white coffee..cross fingers that I'll do well on the exam day..cross cross cross fingers fingers fingers..

I'm halfway through my CNS's a bit of a knot the damn physiology reference book is THICK!!5?6?7cm?
So Lazeee...

And my laptop goes back to the service centre..Again, again and again and again..haiya, problems keep coming back..please la settle it for me once and for week no laptop to use..but at least there's desktop..but i still prefer my lappie..T.T

Was joking with my sister all the way in the car today on kazilions of things..the funniest one was on my pillow..

It went like..
Me : wha, i'm bringing my cuet cuet pillow to lucky, it doesn't need to pay anything..
She : OMGosh, you want everybody in UK to suffocate?
Me : No, they'll be very happy..they'll be jumping with joy and happiness..
She : Oh'll be the day the earth stop spinning..the orbit disappear..etc etc..
Me : No!!It'll be the day the Earth rejoices..everyone goes "all hail cuet cuet pillow.."
Both : Hahahaha!!
and the debate continues...

I know..that was total crap..just some daily perks of what i usually do with my crazee sister who's too free at home now..and she dares go shopping tomorrow while i have to study at home...HMPH!!

And well, as you can see the title as it is..courtesy of my sister, I'll just leave it..(let her happy a bit at least..)

CNS IS Killing Me!!
Done. Beauty Sleep. NOW!


StEpHaNiE said...

jie...wad a bigo heart u hav^^ WAKAKA!! never put in my story!!!! CHIEH!! hheee^^ im goin shoppin now lu!!! ADIOS~

Jojo said...

got put in what..the suffocate part..ONLY...haha!!
shop la..i can bangkok shop..