Sunday, 19 April 2009

Last few days in Nottingham M'sia..

And the black duckie behind..and also the brown ones i think..They say they have swans over in the UK instead of ducks!!: )

The famous admin building and the Clock Tower..

The lake and the fountain..suppose it's similar over there in the UK..

Jojo and NieNie

Feathery feather..POof!!all left's is this...lols..nah, it's just one of their sheded feather..

Just had lunch at 4.30 and stomach was filled to the me and sister decided to have a walk around the lake..actually my sister's the one who wants to see her little children..brown, white and black..

This's the shop..Kalau sedap, beritahu kawan..: )
Don't know what's up with the Mr Q picture..

Yesterday night dinner was quite a late, I decided to go to the so-said very nice Nasi Lemak stall at the corner shop..Look at it..Isn't it nice?!The fried chicken is even best!!

The story actually starts from the bottom..lols.: P


potchin said...

Hey Jo :D

While you are still in Malaysia, try stuff yourself with all your favourite food cause you are going to miss MALAYSIA food once you step your food in the UK... I can't wait to go back Malaysia :P I made a list of food I want to eat:P

Jojo said...

Lols..i will i will..magee goreng n mamak sessions..kenot miss!: )
enjoy yourself while you're back here kay..