Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I wanna go watch ARCHULETA!!!

Hmph..I wanna go watch him..

I'm not those crazy lil gals running down the hill top at 80kmph towards him la of cuz..heard that he hit Malaysia ground at 7.40pm..and when he APPEARS..the fanatic fans ran towards him maybe 120kmph?!

Cuz he was then forced back into the exit for his SAFETY..imagine him being trampled..Fuiyoh..Kesiannye..Then everybody don't get to watch ARCHULETA this Saturday..sobs, be sensible and let him walk out like a man!alright?!: )

He's cute..and he can sing..well, what to do..

Anyway, am having a headache now after looking at an absurd ad that's going on THE STAR paper this Fri..will post my disappointment tomorrow..: (
Not mine only probably..many of us..hmph..LET's grieve..Let's sulk..SOber..Whatever..

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