Friday, 17 April 2009

Farewell..too soon..

To start my day of, I would like to present a drawing of mine out of boredness and 'i-don't-know-how-i-came-up-with-this' picture..i was actually trying to draw an owl but instead the head looks a bit disorientated for an owl, so it ended up a cat..

And thus, "Mouse steak!"

Had farewell party at 21st Century Cafe on top of Kajang Hill (no la, the place is called Kajang Hill cuz it’s high up a slope..) and the view up there was pretty nice and awesome!
I can’t take a nice picture cuz my cam’s a bit ‘stubborn’ and don’t wanna take nice pictures I suppose.

They serve nice food where we paid only RM10 for and I took all of it! In mediocre portion of cuz..Nyams~!

Then is picture time around with friends and lecturers..forgot to take a ‘chuen-ka-fok” (family picture- well, as in the 6 of us staying together one la)..haiz..
The Pretties in my class (I'm not saying myself la..)

chin yuen, chee lynn, me, li theng, jia may
(Pls, air liur don't meleleh..)

Mrs President of PharmNotts, Fong Wen with us..Ah Bing not in the photo..wasted..

The bunch of Lecturers..

Dr Billa and Dr Ting with us..

Dr Ong with us too..

Me and Dr Doughty..

Me, Yamina, Holly, Adeline

Me and Holly

Me and Yamina

Me and Adeline

And the rest..

And they had game sessions; charade, etc. (i don’t know what else is there cuz i didn’t stay long enough to watch)

Dr Doughty’s pose thinking how to charade off his act..on Obese Man..lols..and he went signalling a pregnant lady tummy and point at another male lecturer..oh WELL..OBESE MAN..
Dr Doughty thinking hard..

Dr Billa was given a really simple yet intriguing one..he went, “huk-huk-huk..x3” (eh, i can’t write that sound out la..) and so, it’s COUGHING..swt..
I’ll miss the lecturers so much..really much..extremely much..over-much..( thinks how is it in the UK..) Well, it won’t be like here where we get to have close rapport with the lecturers because over there, the student are like 2 times the amount of us wonder ler..

Anyway, am anticipating to go UK..:)
But not too soon la..


ws said...

United uni is in which state?? near london o not...I WANNA GO LONDON!!! but no $$.. :(

Jojo said...

lols..yeah man, UK!!
mine's in Nottingham itself..bout 2 hours train to London..
fares quite cheap at times with Air Asia..bout RM900 only..

vern said...

wei seriously 10 bucks only???

Jojo said...'s 10bucks cuz we're subsidized a lil from the funds we have and partly by the juniors lo..the food i can say is awesomeeee as it's the best we could get in Kajang..hehe!!!