Saturday, 11 April 2009

Exercising might not be a priority, but it keeps you in good shape!

Exercising is very very refreshing..especially for people like me..where I can't even remember when was the last time i last exercised..: )

Squash to tennis to table tennis..whew..really very shiok!3 games in 2 and a half hours..

The amount of sweat oozing out from my sweat glands make me feel..salty, sticky, but well, you know the evaporation thing where the sweats on your skin evaporate and that makes you feeling all cooling and nice?!Yeah, that was NICEeeeeeeeeee...add in a cup of watermelon juice..tambah syiokness!!

Tennis court in Ipoh Swimming Club..cantik right..

My tennis racquet..very cantik also..

Oh, nearly forget, the 2 cute little puppies in my house..

They're much bigger in size now..can't wait to bring Vanilla back to meet Coco..:)
Sounds like a happy ever after sorta thingy..haha!!And Coco's now a big girl..ah~time passes fast..

Flight to UK is really really troublesome..taking MAS would be a big burden for me cuz of the price which is totally atrocious..i'll just prolly stick to emirates..the price is about 1k-1.5k difference..i could save up that sum for my studies over there..RIGHT?
Please could someone just shed some light to me..sobs!!


KahLing said...

i fly emirates! haha for 3k, 30kg and no charge for changing dates!
sick of MAS expensive prices already. the only downside is waiting in dubai for a few hours!sign up to be member of MSL then you can get some discounted flight tickets and privileges.


Jojo said...

Yea, the price is bout 1.5k cheaper than MAS. waiting for few hours i think is worth the 1.5k. can walk around dubai, not bad what. sitting MAS straight flight for 13 hours.i think my muscle won't be working when i reach heathrow.lols!ok,will check MSL up.thanks ling!!terima kasih byk byk..peluks!:)

Qihua said...

Phine, why vanilla let u take his pic 1? i wan the pic too..

Jojo said...

haha..he sit there guai guai..u copy the picture lo..