Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Life's always not fair..

Why had life been so difficult for some of us while other ponders on the insufficient ‘wealth’ they already had in hand?

Well, in Chinese, people (those who had a nut cracked enough life to care nothing less other than to make sure they could survive another day)call this kind of people ‘sai meh-ng’.

Ever had people who..Say, “Oh boy, I’ve been around the globe for a many-zillions time, why my company don’t send another to replace me. Enough said for the boredom already. Maybe they should fly me to..Pluto next time round?!”..

Who knows they might find some interesting things there. New customers perhaps? Richer, bolder, and maybe more ‘sai meh-ng’ than they themselves.

I wish I could be a ‘sai meh-ng’ person too. Anyone willing to offer me such chance? I promise that I’ll appreciate it a lot..: P
(Yea, I know..In my dreams right?!)

Maybe some even ‘not-so-serious’, say, “I’m just the President’s wife, not even the owner of the WORLD BANK’S taukeh wife. Anyway, I wish to be a simple man’s wife, ‘nuf said..”

Really I don’t know what to tag these kinds of souls but well, God so loved us that he gave everything to us human kinds. So, do appreciate, reflect back, review your planning before hand, what action had you taken, and lastly EVALUATE..uhm, sounds off track..Well, that’s cause I was completing my ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) file..So EXCUSE-SEE MUAH..

Anyway, to those who are rich, remember the poor. For the poor, be content with was given and give thanks.

Eh, sounds something like my dissertation thesis on Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.
It says, diabetes is a disease of the rich in rich countries and disease of the poor in the poor countries. I think I could be a type 2 diabetes mellitus expert already, at least I know what drugs to be dispensed, depending whether you’re old or not, present with other illness or not, etc etc.

STRICTLY TYPE 2 ONLY, NOT TYPE 1 ait?! Well, for those who don’t know, yes, there’s type 1 and type 2. Different epidemiology etc etc.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, says ME..(just kidding..= p)
Well, this is my workstation, and my ever darlings..

Well, this one not i 'sai meh-ng'..Sushi King RM2 Bonanza was great..but we were quite ignorant till the waiter came and count the plates..

"Why the hell is he categorizing the plates according to color?Waste time..all RM2 what.."WE THOUGHT!!

And hence, a total bill of RM120 was issued which we take it as a lesson, 'open your eyes big big before you touch any food on the kaiten belt!read all terms and conditions..'
OMG..imagine 6 of us were eating and none of us realized..

This's the all grown up Coco..quite long since I've last seen her..

Almost a similar resemblance when I see Vanilla..

He's grown up too, with a bigger appetite and added ounce to his weight..

So comel my two little doodle..: )

Oh ya, back to my title.."Life's always not fair.."
It really depends on us(ourselves) that we must not give-up upon any trials and don't lay back..
Hard work pays, and so..START WORKING HARD..
(Nothing is free in this world..Really..NOTHING!!)
p/s:exclude those pressies and stuffs la..the people buying for you also cash out their own money right!

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