Thursday, 30 July 2009

BFF Hui's Birthday

Hui's birthday party was in KL and I took a bus down from Genting around 5.05pm. It was a disaster in the bus. I bought the 5.30pm one and I boarded the 5.05pm one. So confirm there are no seats in the bus. Confirm I had to stand for 1 hour in the bus all the way the slope and reach Titiwangsa 1 hour 10 minutes later. Fuh~! Confirm MY LEGS...

I was typically worn out upon reaching the LRT station. Hau ran all the way from the other KTM to the LRT station. Hehe! Luckily Carmen and Jason didn't took long to reach.

So, we ate and barbequed through the night, chit-chatting, laughing, etc.

Me, Carmen, Jason

Hau, Hui, Jojo, Carmen

Hui Wen, Khai Hua, Jojo, Carmen, Jason

BFFs always and forever

BFFs as told

Hau and Me

Relaxing myself in the playground. At least I can still fit in. :)

Next morning, we had Dim Sum at Taman Connaught. necklace taking in the sun's glare..

A compilation of all


PotChin said...

I love the pictures :P

Josephine Wong said...

Me too!: )
Ones that would be rare to get..

Josephine Wong said...
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SL said...

aiyo... me not around..

Josephine Wong said...

u ownself don't want come..