Thursday, 16 July 2009

Candle Lite Pan Mee

While I was in KL last week, me, mummy, uncle, auntie and cousin went to a nearby shop to have pan mee. I thought, "Crap, pan mee again. I eat until jelak already while in Nottingham..".

Eh, but this was different!

It comes in a big bowl (quite big lar..), and you can see the noodles are flooded by the soup. The amount of soup is A LOT! But it's nice. Ths soup is thick, like shark fin soup. The taste also taste exactly like shark fin soup! The look also looks like shark fin soup. Except that the strands of shark fin is ambiguous to the egg in this soup.

So we were enjoying the 'Shark Fin Soup Pan Mee' when suddenly...

And we had Candle Light Pan Mee..
(opposite shops got so good, go pay your bills!!)

Kitchen was dark too.

See, so romantic right? But it was hot inside!Plus the weather nowadays, doubles up the warmness.

Really 'light' up the place hm?

'Ting-ting' more worries!

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