Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hong Kong Part 2

Madame Tussauds

There's tons of wax statues around which I don't have enough time to cover all up.

Since there are many wax figures, I figure I don’t need to say who is who although I can’t figure out myself some of them but maybe you could figure it out? Figure is good for your brain, cause it makes you figure right? Yah..So figure out them yourselves those figures ok?

The one I like most..Let you all figure out, alright?

There’s also this ‘Haunted House’ called SCREAM. Well, if there’s a game I’m scared of, this is it. I mean this type of game. SHIT. We had to line up in one row and hands on the person shoulder in front. Upon entering, I closed my eyes all the way and looked down all the way. Except once when I opened my eyes and turned to the left to take a peek (Daring right?), it was the very right freaking time where a ‘ghost’ pop out from the very left hand side.

I looked down all the way out. No more guts. No more opening the eyes. No more no more no more. %#$^%*^&*^!@#^


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