Saturday, 11 July 2009

Thanks for making my day

My alarm clock for waking me up during the holidays is the weather. When it starts to get hot, I'll wriggle on my bed and until I cannot tahan, then I'll wake up.

However, Mr Postman came.
(he's not specky, he wore dark shades like he very stylo like that. He's not on his feet, but his lazy bum lies on the motorcycle seat and he wears a helmet instead of a cap. He don't have a cat with him but I think he has dozens at home).

Yah, so I quickly get up on my feet and ran downstairs to get the auto-gate key. Upon opening, both my darlings, Coco and Vanilla ran out and start barking at him. I would say good job. He was like 'lost', and fumbled.

Then when I came out, he barked, "Macam mana ni?" (How like that?) - probably meaning the noisyness of the barking. He bloody fool refused to hand me the letter in his hand somemore. He added, "Suruh dia masuk.." (Ask them go in..) - Bloody F***er.

So I shooed them in and closed the gate, waved my hand asking bloody him to bloody hurry pass me the letter so that I bloody wouldn't need to see him and bloody burn myself under the hot sun.

Mr Postman, you think dogs has the brain like yours? Please bloody use your bloody genius brain to bloody think consciously. I don't think the bloody dozens of cats in your house would bloody listen to the bloody owner like you.

So, F off and get ready for next Monday. I'm sorry, but I've got to pay you back some respect you bloody deserve.

Bloody day. You bloody make my day.

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