Thursday, 16 July 2009

Duren Duren

Durian season, durian season,
Everybody come, everybody come,
Take a bite and taste it, take a bite and taste it,
You'll fall flat, you'll fall flat.

Yeah, it's the durian season now. Everywhere you go, you see people squating by the road side jilat-ing their fingers to save every bit of the wonderful durian. D24, Mau Shan Wong, D88, Chuk Kiok, etc etc. It's like a norm for the people to savour and indulge in the durian atmosphere where 1 meter surrounding the durians would be suffocated with the aromatherapy of DURIAN (not the calming lavender or eucallyptus scent somemore!).

This fella eat durian, lick lick lick his fingers and just throw the seeds behind. SHIT..
I'm behind leh! Luckily I dodge fast enough to avoid the flying seed.
It landed peacefully just right beside my slipper. Fueh~!

Can you see the flying seed?

My dad's sitting in the kitchen savouring the durians he just bought. 1 D24, 2 Chuk Kiok and 1 Mau Shan Wong for RM34. Uncle selling durian say Mau Shan Wong is the best. So, eat the others ka-le-fer first before enjoying Mau Shan Wong.


It's the King Of Fruits. Everyone is heralding it's coming.

Too bad, I don't. It STINKS! Stinks to glory. Please take it far far away from me.

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