Wednesday, 8 July 2009


After such a long separation, fate brought the 7 of us back. (Ah, sounds like love story.). Anyway, yeah, me met up at MidValley, ate, talk, walk, etc.

The Gardens (Itallanies)
We ordered 3 dishes which came in real big portion and was sufficient for all of us. Ah, free flow of ice lemon tea! Shiun Lei was very generous that day. Haha! Thanks for paying the sumptuous RM250 bill

MidValley (Delicious)
We ran and sat at the sofa making ourselves comfortable, tugging the small pillows. We ordered:

Hau. Jojo and Delicious

Hui Hui and Jojo


And again..

Carmen and Jojo

Hau, Jojo and Shiun Lei

Classic chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream topping

Honey Lemon

Melting Pot chocolate with Marshmellows

The compilation
From up left: Shiun Lei’s drink (I forgot the name..but it’s sour!), my drink ( Peach & Orange smoothie), classic chocolate cake, Melting Pot Chocolate with Marshmellows (Marshies!!!), and Hui’s Honey Lemon Tea.

Pretty nice ambience around

With lights encaged..

Only at DELICIOUS MidValley

Well, if you’re to go there, PLS DO NOT order Peach & Orange smoothie unless you’re really in need of fibre and you wanna live healthily. It was hard to finish this damn drink. The others are nice.

Soon after, we departed and wait for the next round of fate to bring us together again. (Aww...)

Lols, sorry for the geliness. Till we meet again!

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