Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Stayed at Concorde Hotel for RM216.20. Well, the stay is pretty much worth the cash.

The package includes:
-1 night stay
-2 complimentary supper buffet/ One extra bed + Breakfast/ A jug of beer
-2 breakfasts

Looking at the options...

What says you?

No food no joy!

Well, there's no appetizer for the supper and we started off with a heavy one.

Steamboat babeh~!Tom Yam is always the best..chicken tastes bland, and common..

My super duper favourite enoki mushies and bihun in tomyam soup. I tell you, this feels like heaven. Just for that time being.

As you can see, it appetizes me more than any appetizer could do.

The veges are really 'vegetable', if you get what I mean. The beef looks nice though.

Fish noodles, some fishballs, seafood taufoo, enoki mushies and more TOM YAM!

Daddy grab the prawns like nobodeh business. This is only 3! For more, look below.

Daddy grabbed 8 this time round!! (Well, I don't like prawn, so I just had some bite on the clean ends. I'm a bit observant on food, especially when you can see the black faeces lining the back!)

He's all smile for this!

Mushies are always nice. And I do really enjoy it very very much.

The Bestest ever food that can be served...
*Drums rolling*padappdpapdpapappa!!Chiang!

I can't have enough of this man! Please please bring me back in!

Urm, have to post with the kekis first.

And the first sacrifician goes to..*I can't decide!!*

Strawberry!!!!!Si-toh-beh-li!!(I had chosen the bigest among the bigest to be on my plate)

Keki Keki..

Ya ya, here you come..
(Oh! I was wondering where's the drink section but I couldn't find. See see, there's only teh tarik. And Skyjuice. End.)

These kekis are absolutely kekilicious!

The breakfast was not up to the standard I expected it to be. No kekis. Hmph.

Some muffins, some pastries with STRAWBERRY on top! Choco and honey pancake.

2 Half-boiled eggs and congee with seaweed.

The drinks and fruits. (It's weird that they gave a whole fruit to you. Hm?!)

Nice eh? You can treat me the supper. :)
I'll be more than willing to go.

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