Sunday, 19 July 2009

Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Went down KL for a stupid so-called 'interview'. DAMN.
It wasn't even an interview! It was just some sharing by some people which is totally idiotic.
The person, I would call J, who invited me did not come and I called like over 10 times but he's not picking up! After like I got pretty frustated, J called! Alas!

So I was like, "Where are you?".
J was like, "You're in the building already right? So how was it?"
I went, "OK lor..not bad.."
J continued, "I'm sorry I won't be coming. I'm heading down Ipoh now."
I was swearing at that moment till the words that came out was only, "HAH?!"
(I am from Ipoh. Why you bother calling me go down KL to hear the whatever-it-is while you go down Ipoh?!)
I tell you, this J is really bimbotically brainless.

Couldn't care less, I walked down the road to Concorde Hotel where I'm staying and where my dad's waiting. And I am out of phone credit AGAIN. And my dad is out of sight. I ran across to Caltex to reload and buy myself a bottle of Sarsi which cannot be opened. (I only realised when I crossed back to the hotel). I keyed in the reload serial number which is so so so small and called my dad. I ran back to Caltex to get myself another openable bottle of Sarsi.

We then met up with my bro and mum at Sungei Wang, walking about buying some stuffs which are real cheap and on promotion. We proceed to Food and Tea in Times Square for dinner. We had RM50 voucher and we ordered like we never had before. (Yeah, we assume we wont's exceed RM50)

Some moments in the restaurant:-

Looking at the menu I presume..

Laughing moment on I forgot what..

Eating Milk smtg smtg..In short, It's steamed milk in puding style. Reminds me of HK 'tan tan'.

Daddy, Jojo, Mummy (w/o flash)

Uhm, I think we look better, or probably it's only me, look better in the previous one.

I do look better without flash. (It seems that my eyes and the flash works together at the same time. When it flash, I flutter my eyelids. See? 'Great' pictures then.)

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