Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cooking Oil

I was busy cleaning n packing things in the house when I suddenly heard "ahhh...ahhhhh...wooahhhh...." x 5 times more. Initially I thought it was those notorious kids around my area on the motorbike yelling for fun.

On the 3rd time, I went to the door and look who's the idiot. They even stopped right in front of my house. Then my neighbour with his bicycle ran back into their house.

Ta Dahhhh...
It was a robbery!Damn.

It was two Indians guys who trailed him from the convenient store all the way. They had a parang with them too. Luckily, he was unscratched. Safe. Nothing lost. (Oh, or that's what I thought..). Poor indies went off with nothing.

But but..

He was still robbed off something.
He was robbed off his cooking oil!
Cooking oil!

Well, I guess to them something is better than nothing, even if it's a cooking oil.

What's wrong with the world MAMA?!


valerie gnow said...

oh my..cant imagine it was for sumthing small like cooking oil..hehe

Jojo said...

Lols..they wanted something else but there wasn't anything there except the man's life and the cooking oil. I'm sure they don't wanna end up in jail.: )