Monday, 7 June 2010

Alton Towers

Anyong-ha-se-yo Alton Towers!

It has always been a tale to me how exciting western theme parks are and I can't wait!
(Ok, past tense already since I've went)

Ka yo!

When we entered, the first place we stumbled upon was Storybook Land. And the nutty squirrel car ride.

Then we saw Spinball. Sonic spinball stuff. You spin while you're in the seat. Throughout the whole ride. 
It wasn't at all dizzy but hitting myself from left to right hurts.
-Roller coaster picture unavailable, description as below-

Next we conquer the....

Oblivion gives the chill of a colossal vertical drop. 90 degree. Sembilan puluh darjah. 九十度 .

There were some other games but we skipped em' all since the others are not very much exhilarating.

Next thrill ride was RITA. 
This was the longest hour of queue we waited for, about 2.5 hours?
We catapulted from 0-100kmph in 2.5 seconds! Talk about the difference. =.=

Then got colourful weird creatures.

We're already so short of time and so far we've only played 3 games.
We walked as fast as we could to the Forbidden City, and met Nemesis.

Parts of the track.

One of the 360 degree turn. 


Since we have some time left..we quickly ran over to Air

Sit down

And then face down....

And you can fly like this! =D

Since the weather was so hot, it was nice to be blown from head to toe in this ride.

Total rides played - 5
Total time spent - 7 hours

Can't help it. The queue is just too long. You'll go zigzag in the queue until you wished the queue was like the one in Genting.  

Anyway, we all had a great time and everyone was exhausted at the end of the day.

Once is more than enough. The queue kills you.

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