Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Sunday worth spending

Last Sunday, Tracy invited me to her place and I swear I've slept on the most comfortable bed ever in my whole entire life. 

And a beautiful bedside lamp <3

She has sheep too!

And her doggie, Angel :)

The view out looking from her verandah


A day trip down to Portstewart

The Causeway view is just too euphoric. Euphorism.

And the awesome breeze...Mmmm-Mmmm

And then we headed down to the amusement park. BARRY'S AMUSEMENT PARK!
Oh well, it's like a mini version of Genting.


And because the Sunday was Cemetery Sunday (remember the previous post where I mentioned The City Cemetery, yeap, this's the place), multitude of people flooded the cemetery to pray for their loved ones (say about a few thousands?).

And there was this section dedicated to babies who were either stillbirth, or unborn, this's where they have a place to remember their little ones. Teddies, blankets, all sorts of things.  

A short video of part of the ceremony

God bless

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