Sunday, 6 June 2010

Setting off to NI ALONE

And I'm off to Northern Ireland!

Taxi also got requisition form? Lols. Cool la.

Skylink operates every half hourly from 3am onwards from Friar Lane Nottingham which is really convenient and cheap. No need to take a taxi all the way to the airport (in the case where you're alone) but if travelling in a group, I suppose it's wise to just take a cab then.

Taxi -  £4.50  
Skylink - £2.50
Taxi to airport - £22
Money saved - £15

On the way to Londonderry. I like this scenery. Sheep, horses, cows. So...countrified. Such folksy lifestyle.

Went to SuperValu to get some groceries. Well, things are slightly more expensive than in Nottingham but, it's bearable. :)

Now now, the house I'm staying.

The living room. Notice, Wii, XBox, LG flat screen - CHECK CHECK CHECK

Couch and a whole rack of DVDs - CHECK

Kitchen. Everything's complete. Cutleries, toaster, pot, electric kettle, oven, heat stove, washing machine, fridge, Erh, Iron also got. 

Seasoning a whole rack. No need I buy. Awesome. <3

Dining table.

My room. Queen size bed. Aihs, Paiseh. All the while I sleep on single bed, don't have double bed bedsheet so..hehehe! Half Half lah.
Got internet connection somemore. MOST-EST IMPORTANT.

Somemore got drawing. Whoa, really make my day la.

And the backyard. Well kept.

Overall, it's a really nice place but I've gotten used to Nottingham and this is a bit..well, not well suited yet for me.

Plus I'm all alone here. Company company....Anyone wants to come here? =D


Anonymous said...

got wii forgot bf jor..

Josephine Wong said...

where got forgot..always remember <3

Isaac Wong said...


Anyway, looks nice there. Haha. BTW, the praying place a bit scary innit?

Josephine Wong said...

haha..what praying place? ahh..i wanna go tour the coast line :D