Saturday, 12 June 2010

Just a little different..

You know what's annoying about the accent thing?

It sucks all time when you can't get what they're speaking. UK has been good so far. But Northern Ireland? Well, some speak quite clear and that's no fuss but some has really strong accent that I definitely 100%-ly don't understand a single word AT ALL. And there I was trying to rule out slowly what that has just been uttered.

I would say English is mostly standardized throughout the world. Well, one is one is Malaysia, the same goes to in UK and definitely too in NI. Well, it's just the words difference they use.

We'll normally say.."I'll come pick you up...." but this side it's, "I'll come collect you...."

We'll normally say..."That's alright.." but this side it's, "That's grand.."

But all accents should be celebrated and accepted for that they are, a sign of our own individuality

Malaysia english, "I come take you.."....and "OK-la"

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