Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pre-work time management

Oh, LOLS! What a title.

You know you just didn't nor do you have the drive to 'pan leng leng' (make-up) to work when 

#1 Have to wake up like half an hour to an hour before you leave house

#2 Oh, add another half an hour when you have to prepare breakfast and eat your breakfast at the same time

#3 Well, I'm mostly in the dispensary, not sales department, so WHAT'S THE POINT right?

#4 Sleep is more important than anything else. If not eye bags la, pimples la, and everything else appear

But a simple foundation and eyebrow liner and a bit of blusher takes only...5minutes?
That's good enough = D

Oh and most importantly

#5 My hair is in a total mess now. Every morning I wake and look into the mirror, "How am I going to go to work like this..". SIGH. And sometimes I just bun it up messily, or just wear a headband, or just tie it up or just braid me front hair and push it to the back. Whatever that goes with my hair mood swing. 

I can see aeroplane flying from me room. Can't wait to go back. 
And I saw a man galloping his horse on the road today.

Heesh, what a pain in the ass.

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