Monday, 28 June 2010

Meals meals meals and meals

It's been more than excited watching Germany vs England. Which team was your bet on Huh?

Anyway, both team did a good job but obviously, Germany gave a better shot. Obvious obvious obvious.

I had a great time yesterday too. Munching away, vine-ing away, shandy-ing, vodka + coke, nuts, and a good ol' hearty meal.

Talk about high alcohol tolerance. Well, suppose I got a wee bit better than before = D

Medium Dry, deliciously light and mellow.

And the dinner we had. Steamed broccoli and carrot, roast potato, mashed potato, white and red meat, cheesy cauliflower.

Cheese cauliflower

Mashed potato

Roasted potato

Fruit meringue for dessert


Cheers everybody!!!
It's been a good weekend.

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