Sunday, 13 June 2010

I need someone who can cook ♥

First day

I was happy wobbling my lasagne spaghetti I cooked. Only plain lasagne sauce. 

I got cut from cutting garlic. The stainless steel knife was really sharp.


Second day

I revolutionised. Porridge/ Congee with vege with egg with nugget.
Looks alright, tastes just bland. I've no soy sauce so, can-lah...still edible. 

This was my 2nd attempt after failing to produce porridge the 1st time when the whole pot got burnt. My mistake.
I on fire and left it there to cook itself while I ran upstairs and do my things before I started to smell burnt stuffs and I quickly ran downstairs. Damn, the whole kitchen was in smoke. Phew~


Third day

Not in the mood to cook anymore. Ready meal are the best. Always and ever will be. All I need is just an oven or microwave.

And guess what, NOTHING HAPPENED! =D

What an experience. There's a saying which goes, 
'If you don't wanna cook, don't go into the kitchen.'

By far, he makes the yummiest ABC soup ever which I liked very very much! ; P

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