Monday, 14 June 2010

Being yet an unqualified pharmacist...

As in every pharmacy, there needs to be a pharmacist in charge present for sales and outgoing of prescription only medicines (POM). No pharmacist, no medicine. Simple.
Nonetheless, there are some over the counter (OTC) medicines which can be sold without or under supervision of a pharmacist. You know, those you can find and simply pick up from the shelves (Panadol, ointment, etc)
And thus, I think now being a pharmacist holds really great responsibility in ensuring the right amount and type of medication prescribed is being given out to the patients. It is really a big sacrificial job as from my observation, the pharmacist could almost not leave the pharmacy, or the dispensary because the prescription coming in are overflowing and you couldn't bear to have the customers waiting. (Well, customers comes first, NO?)
The pharmacist practically eats lunch in the dispensary, not leaving for a wee second unless under EXTENUATING circumstances, you know, natural call, then only the pharmacist would leave the dispensary. And that is like, 'Ughh, I need to use the washroom, be back really SOOOOONNN!!' *runsss*
As for what I've learned so far in the course, or rather specifically what I've just learned from dispensing classes using the Scripware programme, it's rather amusing that I've got to get every particular right and some ancillary labels are ambiguous. So far, I've done Controlled Drug register, medicines labelling, tray medicines, and some other petty stuffs. I'm really excited today when I passed the medication pack to a girl and she told me, 'The Dr asked me to inform the person giving me my medicines to teach me how to use the inhaler'. I so wanted to go ahead with it but decided it was not my call yet, so I addressed the matter to the pharmacist. And Scripware...well, it was a good practice but not practised in reality that much. Well, GOOD PRACTICE. So, you can either do it or not. More work or less, your choice.  

And these are my errors. Well, good enough to pass the exam above 60%. : )


And there's a bit difference between the practice here in NI and UK. Update a tad bit later!

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