Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Still going on..

Countdown - 25 more days to go.

Reached there pretty early on the first day by taxi. No cars, no people, not opened yet.

Day 2 at work - Busy busy busy...
A worker bought me a bun for teatime! I love Irish peops.
Excuse my hair.

Magazines to read, Sudokus to solve, and a cuppa tea/coffee/milk

I learned to take the bus and gosh was it confusing. Adult day return ticket I thought was those in Nottingham where there's unlimited travel in a day. Who knows it's only worth for 2 way travel. 

But as I said, Irish peops are super duper kind. They just let me board and said, "It's alright..."


Back home....
First time cooking a proper meal, I cut my finger with a razor sharp stainless steel knife. 
Blood oozes out like I'm lacked of clotting factor.
However, I still managed to finish cooking my meal of a weird mix. 

Green vege

Plain carbonara spaghetti

A cup of 'teh' aka tea with milk

That does it.


It was really funny what the pharmacist said. She was showing me the smoking cessation scheme plan and I asked her, "Does the person need to pay for the consultation and medications they get?"

Her reply, "Well, somehow Northern Ireland is very generous and loves giving out free stuff, which I myself don't know why either. Definitely does not happen in UK, aye?"

Well, difference in charge per prescription between UK and NI, one is £7.20p and another £0.00p respectively. 


{Pack medicines also tired one OK, need to stretch up to take, bend down to grab..}

By the way, did I say I get a lot of free time?
Tea time in the morning, lunch, tea time during noon, tea time in the evening.
The manager keeps shoo-ing me to have a break.."C'mon Josephine...Go upstairs. Take a rest, sit for 10-15minutes. Go go go aye..."

Perfect. Too good to be true. Everyone's so nice here.

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